Everyone has been to a trivia night with a boring host who just sucked the life out of the bar.  We don't hire those dudes. 


With slightly below average looks and the combined IQ of a fourth grader, our hosts will keep you guessing with the most entertaining trivia questions & bingo rounds South of the Mississippi.  Our staff has extensive backgrounds in Stand Up Comedy, Improv, Acting, Garage Sale Management, and Professional Tinder Profile Editing.  So break out your protractors and number 2 pencils, because this is going to Get Weird!

Monday Bingo Atlanta
Matt Stephen
Boss Man

Enjoys: Mediocrity, Competitive Weightlifting, & Internet Friendship 


Wednesday Bingo Atlanta
Andrea Seiler
Sexy Voice Implementation Coach


Victor Miltiades
Professional Snuggler

Sean Bennett
Wizard/Mall Santa
Thursday atlanta bingo
Al Wainer
Cat Behavior Consultant

Enjoys:  Mathematical Proofs obtained from deductive reasoning, rather than from inductive or empirical arguments.

Monday Baton Rogue Bingo
Jeremy Trimmer
Senior Seasonal Social Strategic Solutions Security Specialist 
Tuesday Trivia Baton Rogue
Tuesday Bingo Atlanta
Todd Kelly
The Leonard Fournette of LA Trivia

Enjoys:  Cured Meats & Nicolas Cage Selfies

Mary Rivers
CEO(OSICFOHTD)  Chief Executive Officer (of stuff  I can't figure out how to do)


Enjoys:  Witty Northern Pretty Boys & Marking Your Answer Wrong

Phillip Grant
Chief Instigation Officer
Brad Broadrick
Cracker Jack Toy Collector
Tim Kiefer 
Freelance Sperm Donor
Neal Reddy
Has an Eye That's Queer
Michael Dailey - Shields
'Before' Model

Tuesday Athens Bingo
Paul Olivier Jr.
Sunday Atlanta Bingo
Lauraine Frank
Assistant TO the Regional Manager 

Enjoys: Bringing all the boys to the yard. Kid Rock's Abs, & HIP hop


Tuesday Auburn Trivia
Michael McLaughlin
Shopping Cart Reallocation Technician

Enjoys: Scrapbooking & Nickelback Fan Clubbing

John Hull
Hot Intern

Enjoys: Stalking you on Facebook, Chicks (Mostly) & Eating Paste


Thursday Auburn Bingo
Ryan Bailey
Former Employee

Enjoys: Model/Actoring, Being Really Really Good Looking, Overly Detailed Stories, & Frownie Faces :( 


Tuesday Baton Rogue Bingo
Andrew Wilson

Enjoys: The Old Testament & Easter Sunday


Wednesday Baton Rogue Bingo
Zack Bedingfield
Pharmacy Tech

Enjoys: Bad Decisions

Wednesday Baton Rogue Bingo
Alex Stephen
National Musical Integration Manager 

Enjoys:  Being the Best Looking Brother


Toni Williams
Wednesday Baton Rogue Bingo
Jayne LaFave
Head Chef 

EnjoysGrammar Shaming, Stalking Zack Morris, & F-Bombs

Ryan Harris
RHCP Fan Club President

Thursday New Orleans Bingo
Derek "Early" Little
Chief Peanut Butter Tester

Enjoys:  Woof & also Woof


Wednesday Baton Rogue Bingo
Jarrett Milton
Puts the Face in Facebook

Enjoys: Big Pimpin', Spending Cheese


Katie Parker
Former T-Shirt Model
Wednesday Baton Rogue Bingo
Davis Gilbertson
Assistant to the Traveling Secretary

Wednesday Baton Rogue Bingo
Sara Mellars
Unicorn Operations Orchestrator

Thursday Baton Rogue Bingo
Click on the Pic above, and sign up to be a host. Or don't, and live the rest of your life in agony and regret. Your call.